Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Gradebook for Excel


The Raymel Gradebook was designed for my wife.  Over the course of its life, it has had many “Honey Do” attachments and xtras added to it. Its conception occurred when we could find no other gradebook that offered the power that she needed to keep grades for her community college chemistry classes.  She needed a program that could meet the following conditions.  She wanted:

  • to keep grades for a class of chemistry students for which the class
    • had a lab section that was part of their grade. The lab sections:
      • were divided into smaller sections
      • a subsection of the main class of students
      • potentially taught by a Teaching Assistant
    • the option of replacing the lowest score in the main class with the final
    • the option of dropping the lowest score in the main class
    • the option of dropping the lowest lab grade
    • to be able to keep track of students that dropped her class
    • while still keeping their grades on file
    • the option to re-instante students in case they did not really drop the class
    • a way to report her grades with ease
    • a way to know quickly what the averages were for :
      • an exam
      • a student
    • a way to add a curve to the class if it were nessesary
    • a way of keeping track of extra-creditexample_Small
    • sorting features
    • an easy way to have and make backups of the gradebook

And thus, the Raymel Gradebook was created. Not in seven days but over the course of many months. It was then debugged over many terms.
The Raymel Greadebook is free and distributed under the GNU.  Included in the zip file is a pdf help file for getting started. Download the Raymel Gradebook here


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