Using Adobe Acrobat Pro to Bulk Add a Password to my PDFs

As I have been “Going Paperless” I have decided that I want to keep some of my scanned files under password protection. The problem is that I have been generating PDFs so fast with my new ScanSnap S1500. Traditionally with the Adobe Acrobat Standard (which is what comes with the ScanSnap S1500), the files have to be password protected one at a time. Yikes! That is a real pain when I am generating files at about 15 a minute! I would have to go in and individually add passwords to each file. This would be real time consuming. Luckily, I have Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional which allows for the batch processing of files. All I have to do is put all of the files that I want to password protect into a folder that I want to maintain. Then, I can run the batch processing from Adobe Acrobat  and it will password protect all of the files that are in that folder. Pretty Cool! (Some initial set-up required; however, it is fairly straightforward)

Batch Processing

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