Plastic Bags


Bags of Bags

We all have them. Some of us would rather not use them, and some of us don’t care one way or another. Regardless of which camp you belong to, the plastic bag is easy to come by. I find that in everyday use, the plastic bag does have its place. Usually for cleaning unsightly messes that the dog makes. Should it be used when a reusable bag would work better? No, probably not, but there is a reason for keeping them around.

The real question is why do I have so many? Following the attitude of not throwing away anything that you might need later (A fallacy and rather poor way to live life), I have become a collector of bags. Not that I need them, but rather because, “Why would I throw away a perfectly good bag?” It may not look like it, but there are over 500 bags in this picture. Some of them date back almost a decade ago.

New 5S rules:

  1. One small bag of plastic bags may be kept. If the bag is full, you don’t need to keep it.
  2. If the plastic bag has a hole in it. Don’t keep it.
  3. Use re-usable bags whenever possible.
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