My New Shun Knife


9" Shun Slicing Knife

For my birthday my wife gave me the gift of adding another knife to my collection.  Ah… my set of Shun knives.  How wonderful they are.  I never knew what I was missing until I cut something with my very first Shun knife.  You see, Shun knives are made special. The are sharpened to a 16 degree angle rather than the standard 20 degree angle– which makes them extremely sharp.  Shun knives are made from a special alloy of steel (VG-10) that allow it to retain that 16 degree edge.  A traditional knife edge would become blunt very quickly. So, to give it a bit more stability, traditional knives are sharpened to a more oblique angle. (Which makes them not as sharp). I first learned about Shun knives from a promotional piece put out by Alton Brown. To start down the path of being a ‘Blade Head’ yourself, watch the following video.


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