Maintenance Assistant CMMS

Maintenance Assistant
A few months ago I was asked to manage the preventative maintenance where I work.  I knew nothing about how people do this at other companies, but I suspected that setting up some type of database was in order.  I decided to have a look at what tools were already out there.  I found that people in industry use what is called a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). I also found out that most of these are pretty pricey.  I thought that I was going to have to either fork out a lot of dough or I was going to have to build one myself.  Then I ran across one called Maintenance Assistant CMMS. They claimed to be absolutely free. (Which usually means it is lacking in some way.)

So I tried it.  Wow! This piece of software is pretty powerful. It allows you to make a database of assets and then run scheduled maintenance on them. It will then e-mail users when work orders have been created.  I have put our entire facility onto this program.

I liked this program so much that I installed it at home for all of the maintenance around the house. Everything from scheduled maintenance on the cars to changing the air filter in the air conditioning unit. I even put in the obligatory once a year cleaning of the dryer vent. (I wouldn’t want the house to burn down now, would I?)

This program can be a useful tool in getting your home/business organized in terms of its scheduled maintenance.  If you stop and think critically about the maintenance in your home, you too could probably benefit from a piece of software such as this.

-On the 5S path…

You can find the MA CMMS here.

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