Easter (Egg) Extravaganza

This Easter, as we are going through the unexpected COVID-19 season, our Grandparents decided to stop by to make our Easter just a tad bit better, as we and all of Dallas, TX is under quarantine, with an allowed grouping of no more than 10 people, as to keep control of the virus from spreading easily. SO, after all of that, we have and had been in our house for about a month, I was on the computer playing Minecraft, and then, we got a knock on our door, which I thought was just the postman, delivering a package or something else of that nature, until my mom went and got the door, and I heard my grandfathers booming voice saying “Hello!” I didn’t know why they decided to visit us. Yes, I knew it was Easter, but still, we hadn’t talked to them face to face really since the whole thing started. SO the fact that they had set up an entire Easter Egg Hunt in our front yard was really something. But it wasn’t really for us, the older kids, (Myself, Micah, or Tessa) but instead was for the youngest in our family Noah. There were some Easter eggs just scattered around the ground for Noah, But there were also 33 easter eggs for us older kids to find, or 11 apiece. So after all of the eggs were found, we opened them, and inside were M&M’s, and not just a couple. There was a pack of M&M’s in every single Easter Egg because that is my brother Noah’s favorite Candy. So I believe that it raised both Our families and my grandparent’s spirits to find the light in the darkness of Easter 2020.

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