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Easter (Egg) Extravaganza

This Easter, as we are going through the unexpected COVID-19 season, our Grandparents decided to stop by to make our Easter just a tad bit better, as we and all of Dallas, TX is under quarantine, with an allowed grouping … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Sink

I have been given an enormous freedom: the freedom to dry my dishes with a drying towel and put them away immediately. Continue reading

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Refrigerator Cleaning

So, it was time to tackle the fridge. It had finally got to the point that it was really bugging me.  (That is generally what’s required to get me moving on any cleaning project!)  When I started, I was really … Continue reading

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So, this is an old episode of RadioLab, but this past week I had my first opportunity to listen to it. Seriously. Take a moment and listen to the first vignette. If you are not hooked on this concept of … Continue reading

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An ARRL Volunteer Examiner

I upgraded my amateur radio license to Extra Class in the fall of 2012. The Morse code requirement was dropped a few years ago, making it much easier to obtain the highest class of license. The ironic thing about it is that … Continue reading

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